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The highlight of the wildlife at our apartment are the gray squirrels , always active around the trees outside our patio. Both the cat and I like watching them (:

This one was digging in the snow for some bird seed we threw out for the birds yesterday ( before an additional ~4 inches of snow, hence the digging!)


Happy End of CSA Season!


I know that the menu planning plan (ha ha) fell apart soon after it began. But, my first season of CSA was great anyway 🙂 It feels GREAT to supposed local farmers!

Plus we got a free pumpkin, apple and apple cider as end of season presents! 🙂

If you want to find out more about MY local CSA

Go find yours!

Best. Job. Ever.


I am a KU student worker at Monarch Watch: Dedicated to education, conservation and research. They have many programs, including a monarch waystation program that is helping create more monarch habitat across the country, and a monarch tagging program that monitors the monarch’s fall migration south to Mexico.

My job is sweet, I get to take care of butterflies all day (although this does entail cleaning up a lot of frass [insect fecal mater]). During open houses and other events I get to share what I do with others! Most of the time we have more critters than just Monarchs, can you recognize the ones in my collage?

Menu Plan Monday 07.12.2010


Menu Plan Monday from I’m an Organizing Junkie, although I got it up late yet again.

Monday: Homemade tomato* sauce with whole wheat  and linguine  and meatballs*.

Tuesday: Veggie Night! Black bean and corn tortilla bake (layer with cheese, bake till melted MMMM!)

Wednesday: Ham* with new potatoes* and green beans*

Thursday: Chicken Parmesan with tomato*sauce from Monday, with leftover veggies.

Friday: Breakfast for dinner (local eggs!)

Saturday: Veggie Night! Undetermined. (Anyone have any ideas?)

Sunday: Five spice and plum sauce chicken in the crock pot, with rice.

From the CSA this week (Wednesday) I am getting local peaches along with zucchini bread!  I am thinking about trying some peach cobbler or pie. I will post how that turns out!

Hopefully I will be going bug hunting soon, which will be another post this week. Sam at work brought in a preying mantis the other day! It is time to get out there with my net.

A Stop at my Parent’s House


I had to stop by my parent’s house on the way home, I figured I’d get some goodies to take with me!
I would have rearranged the flowers better, but as I set them down and realized the bugs that were fluttering my hand were wasps I decided to let them be. The wasp’s nest is in the lantern!

I finally got the courage to grab my flowers back from the wasps’ territory. The farm cats liked the flowers, too!

Menu Plan Monday 07.05.2010


Menu Plan Monday! From I’m an Organizing Junkie

The goods from the CSA: TWO pounds of ground beef, milk, green beans, new potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers!  Plus honey, how could I forget that? I am going to split the beef up so we aren’t eating 4 beef dinners this week!

Everything with an * is either from the CSA or Farmer’s Market

Monday: Dinner at Jake’s parent’s house.

Tuesday: VEGGIE NIGHT! Black Eyed Peas (from the freezer) and Corn Bread, with Cantaloupe* on the sides.

Wednesday: Pesto! Using the living basil* we got from the CSA last week. There is a basic pesto recipe in our CSA cookbook: “Rolling Prairie Cookbook” by Nancy O’Conner, I’ll add (Smart)chicken with garlic bread.

Thursday: Pari Pari-Style (Smart)Chicken from Harumi’s Japanese Home Cooking. Sides of zucchini* and potatoes*.

Friday: VEGGIE NIGHT! No. 2! My first time making something with firm tofu* (Alton Brown’s recipe from Good Eats!) With green beans* and new potatoes*

Saturday: DeSoto Days Festival!

Sunday: Cheese Ravioli with homemade tomato* sauce and local beef* meatballs! Corn on the cob.

Wheew. I got that done just in time for it not to be Monday anymore. I am going to try and post later in the week how the tofu adventure goes!

Goat Dreams


So maybe I wasn’t so ready, but now that my summer semester is over I am sure I will have more time for the domestic life. Maybe.

Nigerian Dwarf from TheBigWRanch12's Flickr

Anyway, the last few days I’ve spent researching goat farming for my final paper. I really liked my “purpose” statement so I thought I would share it.

“Last year my husband and I moved out of my Grandfather’s old farm house and into an apartment in Johnson County. Ever since, I have been contriving ways I could get back to the country. It will be several years before that is possible, so in the mean time I’ve been planning my future farm. The Farmville craze on Facebook did not help matters. I love animals of all kinds, and so I’ve dreamt up which critters I would have around the farm, including ducks, geese, strange rabbit breeds, potbellied pigs, chickens and guineas.

Goat weren’t part of that vision until my husband and I went to the fair last summer. There in the 4-H barns I saw the long haired Angora goat for the first time which had a poster nearby explaining how their wool was used for clothing, much like Alpaca and sheep wool. I had just recently discovered how expensive Alpacas were, and the idea of spinning my own wool sounded pretty neat. I added a new member to the imaginary farm in my head.”

*sigh* 🙂