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Goat Dreams


So maybe I wasn’t so ready, but now that my summer semester is over I am sure I will have more time for the domestic life. Maybe.

Nigerian Dwarf from TheBigWRanch12's Flickr

Anyway, the last few days I’ve spent researching goat farming for my final paper. I really liked my “purpose” statement so I thought I would share it.

“Last year my husband and I moved out of my Grandfather’s old farm house and into an apartment in Johnson County. Ever since, I have been contriving ways I could get back to the country. It will be several years before that is possible, so in the mean time I’ve been planning my future farm. The Farmville craze on Facebook did not help matters. I love animals of all kinds, and so I’ve dreamt up which critters I would have around the farm, including ducks, geese, strange rabbit breeds, potbellied pigs, chickens and guineas.

Goat weren’t part of that vision until my husband and I went to the fair last summer. There in the 4-H barns I saw the long haired Angora goat for the first time which had a poster nearby explaining how their wool was used for clothing, much like Alpaca and sheep wool. I had just recently discovered how expensive Alpacas were, and the idea of spinning my own wool sounded pretty neat. I added a new member to the imaginary farm in my head.”

*sigh* 🙂

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  1. jackie butt crackie permalink
    07.02.2010 10:44 PM

    i love you! you’re my hero and i want to work on your farm when we grow up 🙂

  2. 09.29.2010 7:43 PM

    Keep the dream alive! I’m sure you and your husband will get there one day. And do include goats – they are amazing and rewarding creatures!

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