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Menu Plan Monday 07.12.2010


Menu Plan Monday from I’m an Organizing Junkie, although I got it up late yet again.

Monday: Homemade tomato* sauce with whole wheat  and linguine  and meatballs*.

Tuesday: Veggie Night! Black bean and corn tortilla bake (layer with cheese, bake till melted MMMM!)

Wednesday: Ham* with new potatoes* and green beans*

Thursday: Chicken Parmesan with tomato*sauce from Monday, with leftover veggies.

Friday: Breakfast for dinner (local eggs!)

Saturday: Veggie Night! Undetermined. (Anyone have any ideas?)

Sunday: Five spice and plum sauce chicken in the crock pot, with rice.

From the CSA this week (Wednesday) I am getting local peaches along with zucchini bread!  I am thinking about trying some peach cobbler or pie. I will post how that turns out!

Hopefully I will be going bug hunting soon, which will be another post this week. Sam at work brought in a preying mantis the other day! It is time to get out there with my net.

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  1. 07.12.2010 10:20 PM

    local eggs? Linwood?

    Veggie night: CLT. Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato. You can fry provolone in a pan. You don’t need oil. Just toss it in the skillet and let it brown and flip. It’s a vegetarian version of the famous BLT 😉

    • 07.16.2010 9:14 PM

      Yes! I try to stock up on eggs anytime I go by Mom and Dad’s.

      Those provolone sandwiches sound wonderful, I think you’ve made me on before! It might just be cheese tortellini soup, though. Jake doesn’t like grilled sandwiches and I was trying to not buy anything this week! I’ve only bought shortening (I made apple pie) and green beans. I might make homemade French-ish bread to go with it.

      PS- We need to get together soon Ma’am. I ate lunch with Seth and Sam the other day!

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